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Flexible Systems Intl
Flexible Systems Intl
Flexible Systems Intl

Flexible Systems specializes in the production of 4 different types of compensators. (Material: Carbon, Stainless Steel, Alloys.)

  • Forming machines for heavy wall expansion joints.
  • Equipment for hydraulic forming of expansion joints 6"-24" in diameter, single or multi-ply configuration up to 400psig.
  • Roll forming machine for expansion joints 24" - 140" in diameter for both high and low pressure / temperature applications.
  • Special forming machine for Hi-profile rectangular expansion joints.

Cutting, Forming, Edging
Cold cutting up to 3/8" plate thickness, automatic burning.
Cold rolling up to 3/4" plate thickness.
Cold edging up to 3/8" plate thickness and 12'0" in length.

Welding Capability
Welding capability includes but is not limited to the following processes:
Manual Stick Welding TIG HELIARC
Submerged Arc MIG FLUXCORE

Quality Control
X-raying, Water Pressure Test Installations, DP-testing, Helium-Leak Test, Ultra-Sound and Magnetic Particle Testing, NDT - Non-Destructive Testing, DT-procedures by associated independent laboratory service.

Mechanical Machining
2 lathes (max. dia. 18" max. length 6'6")
1 drilling machine (max. dia 4")
1 planing machine

Crane Capacity
3 cranes, 5 ton lift capacity each.
1 crane of 7.5 tons lift capacity.
1 crane of 10 tons lift capacity max. single weight lift capacity 20 tons.

Manufactured Materials
Carbon steel
Austenitic stainless
Heat resistant stainless steel
CrNi alloys

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